Ear Piercing

To uphold our mission of offering comprehensive care for children and young adults, Holly Springs Pediatrics offers ear piercing services for children ages 3 months and up.

While ear piercing is not medically necessary, and purely cosmetic, providing this service ensures that your child will receive professional care from a pediatric provider who has been trained in sterile techniques and wound management.

Age Requirement

We only offer ear piercing services for children ages 3 months and older. This ensures that they have had their first set of vaccines and time for their ear to grow big enough to allow accurate placing of the earing.

Our Method

Holly Springs Pediatrics uses GentlePierce for Kids by MediSystem® which was designed to be used by medical professionals.

GentlePierce is a FDA registered product with 100% disposable hand pressured medical instruments eliminates the possibility of patient-to-patient cross-contamination. It comes pre-loaded with one pair of sterilized medical titanium piercing earrings to avoid metal allergies and skin sensitivity.


Eligible patients must be up to date on all vaccinations. We only pierce earlobes and do only one piercing per lobe. At this time, we do not perform second or third piercings in the same lobe nor do we pierce other locations on the ear such as cartilage.


The cost of ear piercing is $45 for both ears. This service is not covered by health insurance and full payment is due when you check in for your appointment. This price includes the cost of the procedure and the piercing studs which you remove after 6-8 weeks and the cost of the procedure.

Schedule an Appointment

Ear piercing is offered by appointment or and can be added on to an already scheduled well or sick visit. Advanced notice is required to allow enough time to perform the procedure, as well as explain and answer questions about the aftercare. To schedule an appointment, call 919-249-4700 or request an appointment online.