Cryonize for Wart and Skin Lesion Removal

August 28, 2018

Warts are skin infections caused by a virus and more common in children than adults. Although they can be found anywhere on a child’s body, they are typically seen on their fingers, hands, knees, and elbows. Warts usually feature a rough surface and look like a hard, grayish brown bump that’s shaped like a dome.

When is Wart and Skin Lesion Removal Necessary?

In most cases, warts do not cause any problems. However, if your child’s wart causes them pain or makes it difficult for them to participate in certain activities, wart removal may be necessary. It may also be a good option if your child’s wart makes them self-conscious. If one of our pediatricians believes your child’s wart or skin lesion should be removed, we will likely recommend Cryonize.

What is Cryonize?

Cryonize is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared, in-office treatment that can allow our pediatricians to get rid of your child’s wart or skin lesion through freezing. It involves a state-of-the-art portable device that makes it easy for a pediatrician to isolate the wart or skin lesion and provide enough room to allow treatment of certain regions and margins.

Unlike traditional freezing methods, Cryonize does not cause any blood or pain. It’s quick and will not be uncomfortable for your child or lead to any side effects. It comes with foam tip swabs of 3 different sizes so that a pediatrician can reach any area with ease.

Although most children will notice results after one Cryonize treatment, some may need to return in two weeks for another treatment.

How to Prevent Warts and Skin Lesions

While it’s not always possible for children to prevent warts and skin lesions, there are some strategies that can help them reduce their risk of infection. Make sure your child:

  • Washes their hands frequently and immediately dries them
  • Does not bite their nails
  • Refrains from touching their warts or the warts of others
  • Stays away from sharing towels with friends
  • Wears shoes in public showers
  • Wears socks during martial arts, gymnastics, and other indoors sports that require bare feet
  • Uses lotions to prevent dry skin, particularly in the hands, feet, elbow, and knee areas

Contact Holly Springs Pediatrics

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