5 Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

December 30, 2021

The new year means a fresh start, but there’s nothing magical about January 1. Any day of the year is a great opportunity to set goals and implement healthy lifestyle habits. Resolutions aren’t just for you personally. Consider sitting down as a family, or if your children are too young set aside time with your...

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How You Can Take Precaution During RSV Season

December 17, 2021

Winter is here, which also means respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) season. Whether you are an expectant parent for the first time or already have young children at home, you should be aware of the symptoms of RSV and how to protect against it. What is RSV? RSV is one of many viruses that cause respiratory...

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Holiday Safety for Children

November 30, 2021

Not only is it the season to be merry, but also the season to avoid holiday related injuries. Although children are known to be accident prone year round, the holidays are a time when accident rates tend to increase. Although holiday mishaps may be fun to laugh about in movies, such as Chevy Chase Christmas...

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Baby’s First Foods: Tips for Starting Solids

November 15, 2021

As babies grow and develop, their needs change. And time can fly by when watching your child grow up, so certain changes may sneak up on you. One big milestone for infants is branching out from an exclusively breastmilk or formula diet. But what should your baby’s first foods be? For the best and safest...

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Fall Bucket List for Families

October 18, 2021

Now that it’s October, we are officially in fall mode! It can be a bummer to say goodbye to summer, but fall has so much to offer that it’s easy to make the transition from shorts to sweaters. With its cooler temperatures and a variety of seasonal activities on offer, fall is the perfect time...

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How to Recognize Signs of Bullying

October 9, 2021

As a parent, there are a million little things to worry about when it comes to raising a happy, healthy, confident, and capable child. One issue that concerns parents of school-aged children is bullying. Bullying is a huge problem for many children in the U.S. and efforts to decrease and prevent it have gained public...

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What’s the Difference Between a Cold and the Flu?

September 30, 2021

During cold and flu season, you probably take extra precautions to prevent your family from getting sick. You enforce hand washing, disinfect surfaces, and have the whole family vaccinated. But even when you do all the right things, there is still a chance of your child coming down with a cold or the flu.  The...

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Choosing a Pediatrician

September 18, 2021

For many parents, choosing a pediatrician is an endeavor that is not taken lightly. This doctor is going to be a large part of your child’s life from birth through early adulthood. Therefore, you want to choose a practice that is the perfect fit for your child and your family. Choosing a Pediatrician: When and...

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When to Keep Your Child Home from School

August 31, 2021

Being a parent is great, but when your child is sick it presents some challenges, to say the least. As if them feeling poorly isn’t bad enough, it often creates disruptions to all other areas of your life. If a child is too sick to go to school or daycare, you may have to miss...

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10 Most Common School-Age Illnesses

August 20, 2021

One thing that concerns many parents as they send their kids back to school is all the common illnesses kids can catch. Not only do you hate to see them sick, but they often have to miss school which means you may have to miss work to care for them. Plus, there’s the risk that...

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