Pediatric Head Trauma: 4 Things To Know

March 15, 2023

Traumatic brain injury is scary for anyone, and can be particularly scary for children. Head trauma is something that affects your brain cells in a way that can temporarily change how your mind works. In very severe cases, it could even lead to bleeding, bruising, or other physical damage to the brain. Pediatric head trauma...

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School And Sickness: Is My Child Too Sick For School?

February 28, 2023

Children getting sick is inevitable, as they are less likely to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough, and have immature immune systems. In fact, it is considered common for children under 7 years of age to have as many as eight to twelve colds, respiratory infections, or stomach bugs a year. The symptoms...

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Planning The Ultimate Family-Fun Vacation In 2023

February 15, 2023

With summer vacation only a few months away, it’s time to start planning the perfect family getaway. Spending time with your family doing various fun and adventurous activities is the key to planning the ultimate family-fun vacation. From swimming at the beach to hiking a new trail, there are so many ways to have fun...

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Phobias In Children And Adolescents

January 31, 2023

A phobia, according to John Hopkins Medicine, is an uncontrollable, irrational, and lasting fear of a certain situation, object, or activity that poses no real danger. Phobias can be due to genetic or environmental factors and can cause sudden, intense fear that lasts for several minutes. With roughly 19 million Americans suffering from one or...

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6 Tips For Preventing Injuries In Your Young Athlete

January 13, 2023

Youth sports are an excellent way for your child to get outdoors, learn about teamwork, stay active, and meet new friends. Even with such great benefits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sports injuries, such as pulled muscles and concussions, send more than 2.6 million children to emergency rooms every year. However,...

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Kids And Teens

December 30, 2022

As another year has come and gone, and it’s time to look forward to 2023! The New Year is a wonderful time to assess your current lifestyle and make healthy adjustments where you see fit. To continue this season’s festivities, try involving your child in the new year’s resolution fun! Setting goals is essential in...

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4 Tips To Manage Your Child’s Behavior During The Holidays

December 15, 2022

The holidays can be an excellent time to spread cheer and spend time with your loved ones, yet they can also pose challenges for children and adults alike. It can be difficult to manage your child’s behavior during the holidays as they are often thrown into the mix of activities. Changes in meal schedules and...

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6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For New And Expecting Moms

November 30, 2022

New and expecting moms often acknowledge there is a lot to know about pregnancy, being a mom, and everything in between. Instagram is an excellent resource for learning as you go, as it offers information on various topics including health, nutrition, your growing baby, navigating the chaos, and so much more! Instagram Accounts For New...

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5 Tips For Disciplining Your Child In Public

November 15, 2022

It’s a tale as old as time— your child acts like an angel until you get into the public eye. Some children may act out in public due to overstimulation, while others may feel like they are less likely to be disciplined in front of an audience. Regardless, disciplining your child in public can be...

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5 Common Toddler Behavior Problems (And What To Do About Them)

October 29, 2022

Toddlers are frustrating and adorable in equal measures. They’re learning how to communicate, but their words aren’t always clear. Toddler behavior problems are not uncommon, as they are undergoing intellectual, social, and motor changes and may become overwhelmed yet lack the skills to communicate these feelings properly. Misbehaving occurs as they struggle to process these...

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